I can already feel the nostalgia!

Are you a gamer? Do you love Nintendo? I can't claim to be a gamer, but I did play quite a few games with my brother (when he would let me). I distinctly remember playing Mario and Duck Hunt on the original Nintendo and progressing to new games and systems as the years went on. My brother is still a big fan of getting lost in another world.

Which is why I can't wait to take him to Super Nintendo World when it opens.

Newsweek just announced this new entertainment adventure. We've seen plenty of theme parks build upon the magical worlds of Disney, Pixar, Lego and even Harry Potter. But now, it's all about Nintendo. This immersive park experience will transport you directly into your childhood or the games you love today. The world's first park will open in Japan this summer with parks coming to Universal Studios in Hollywood in 2021 and in Orlando in 2023.

We're fully expecting rides bases on our favorite games, interactions with our favorite game characters and maybe even a "power up" or two. Since Mario is a big part of the Nintendo world, it looks like the park atmosphere will center around his worlds. At least that's what we're reading in various articles. In fact, The Verge said there will be real-life Mario Kart.

Who's in?!

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