Today, my wife has crossed into the third and final trimester.  We only have 13 weeks to go until our little princess arrives.  This will be our second child, and our 9 year old son (Deacon) is super-excited to be a big brother.  Baby Isabelle will be here somewhere around the last week of February, 2018.

Since that was so long ago, the memory of my wife's pregnancy cravings has dulled a bit.  I remember that she had them, but kinda forgot what they were for and how strong they are.  The last month or so has been a stark reminder!

Scientists don't know exactly what causes these seemingly random urges for a particular food or drink, but the best guess is that they body needs some kind of nutrient or vitamin that is found in the thing the expectant mother craves.  Other theories center around hormone production affecting appetite and having some strange side effects.  Psychology Today suggests that it might be tied to the abnormal smell and taste perceptions, phantom smells, and specific food aversions that are often linked to pregnancy.  One study suggests that the "cravings" are an attempt by the body to counter-act the specific food aversions that would make that individual sick.

I can say this for sure: My job a as the husband and father-to-be is to fetch the things that my wife wants/needs/has to have/is crying about for some reason regardless of the time or how possible it is to acquire said food or drink - and I am very good at my job.  It hasn't been too bad so far, and I might be in the clear.  Most doctors agree, the cravings usually reach their peak somewhere near the end of the 2nd trimester.

FYI, this is what my wife has been craving:

TSM - Brandon Michael
TSM - Brandon Michael

Not pictured: Frozen Pineapple and pretzels (I'm on my way to the store right now).

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