I'll be honest, that severed ear looked pretty real to me...

Myself, I'm not a big practical joker. Don't get me wrong, I think they're hilarious, but I know that if I prank someone, there gonna come for revenge, and I just ain't ready for that.

My man here learned that valuable lesson firsthand... Or should I say first-ear.

A few weeks ago, this 10-year-old boy pranked his barber by placing a realistic-looking cockroach on his counter. Not a bad prank, and I'm assuming this barber is no fan of bugs.

This week, it was payback time, and he wasn't playing around.

During the haircut, he pretended to nick his ear and fake blood goes everywhere. To make matters worse, he then dropped a fake ear onto his lap. The boy was freaking out and called his mom over, who as totally in on the prank.

Some folks on the world wide web think the barber took it to far... What do you think?




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