Anyone who's been listening to my show for any length of time knows I'm a horse person. Yes, I'm like a little girl begging for a pony most days... Except we have five (two of them mine, Paisano and Under Pressure, check 'em out here).And I just can't get enough! Yep, it's Black Beauty syndrome! Too bad you have to work to be able to support a horse habit! With that being said, horse back riding can be a great workout... IF you do it enough! I try to ride as often as possible, generally early in the morning before work. It's a great start to your day and I like to say it's cheaper than therapy!

Turns out a company out of Korea has recognized the benefits of horseback riding and they've made it so convenient, you don't have to leave your house to hit the stables or get manure on your paddock boots! Check out these 'interesting' contraptions! Who knew there was an industry for this?!? No offense, I LIKE going outside and getting dirty and the smell of 'horse' is a total aphrodisiac! BTW, even to my untrained eye, their position for riding is total crap:) Just saying!