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The United States is experiencing a bit of a population growth issue.  Sure, we're technically growing in terms of population - but barely.  According to a report from the ArkLaTex Homepage the good ol' US of A only grew by a paltry .35% last year.  That's the slowest rate of growth in over 120 years!  Experts attribute this slowdown in growth to declining birth rates, the aging baby boomer generation, and a crackdown on immigration.

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That being said, there are a couple of places in the country currently experiencing some pretty solid growth.  The data experts at Stacker have broken down the US Census Bureau's numbers and found exactly which areas are growing the fastest by counties - or in Louisiana's case, parishes.  They've found that only one parish in Northwest Louisiana has shown significant growth since 2010: Bossier Parish.

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Bossier Parish made the list of fastest growing parishes in the state of Louisiana at #10 thanks to a massive 13.1% jump in population between 2010 and 2020 (the latest numbers available from the US Census Bureau) making it the 12th largest parish in the entire state!


Bossier Parish also ranked #380 out of all counties (and parishes) in the country!  In case you didn't know, there are 3,006 counties, parishes, boroughs, so called "census areas" in Alaska, several independent cities, and part of Yellowstone National Park.  When you look at it that way - Bossier Parish is in the top 12% nationwide in terms of growth!  According to the experts this is a result of job opportunities, high quality of life, easy access to job centers, low rents, or any combination of these or other factors.

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