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Yesterday, the Bossier City council took up a rather strange discussion.  On the table was the lifting of a rule that prohibited citizens from keeping barnyard birds (like chickens) in backyard coops.  A growing number of citizens had expressed their desire to become part of growing movement of chicken-keepers, and their concerns were finally brought in front of people that could change things.

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More and more Americans are turning to small, backyard chicken coops to make the supply chain healthy and as short possible.  Even more folks like to keep them as pets - but either way, groups like BackYardChickens on Facebook (who have more than 341,000 members) make it clear that small-time chicken-ranching is more than just a growing fad.

Yesterday, Council President Don Williams brought a proposal before the council for discussion that would remove a ban on keeping chickens for pets, eggs, or meat from the list of city ordinances.   According to a report from KTBS, Williams claims he only did so at the urging of a resident who thought that the rule banning backyard poultry operations was unfair.  True to his word, Williams brought the topic up for discussion and an initial vote.

Backyard Chicken Farming In Urban Areas Gains In Popularity
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After a unanimous decision, the ordinance banning backyard chickens in Bossier will stay in place.  Even the man who brought the proposal to the council voted against it.

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