You have to see this video to believe it.

When you ride any type of public transportation, whether it be a plane, train, bus, or Uber, you are literally putting your life in a stranger's hand. That being said, 99.9999% of drivers and/or pilots in these fields understand that lives are potentially on the line, and they conduct their duties with the upmost care.

Sadly, it looks like we found the .0001%.

This video comes to us from the big Apple, NY, NY. In the footage we see something that is truly remarkable, and downright frightening. A passenger was riding a coach tour bus, when he realized the driver couldn't care less about him or his fellow passengers.

The driver was literally watching a TV show on his smart phone.

The passenger recorded the scary moment, where obviously, things could have gone wrong very quickly.

The video went viral, and the driver was relieved of his duties immediately.


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