We have no idea where Channing Tatum is right now at this very moment (If you do, please let us know), but we believe that he is having the best day ever. Why? You see, Channing Tatum has won our Man Crush Madness 2018 Tournament. He went through round after round winning the Actor Division and battling Bruno Mars for the championship. We cannot say that we are surprised that Channing has won the title. There is a reason why we included him in this competition. Channing danced his way into our hearts during the film "Step Up." All of us have been happy ever since. Congrats Channing on being our Man Crush not just on Mondays but everyday. #MCM #ChanningTatum

If anyone out there knows Channing, please share this article with him.  Let him know why he is a winner to us. If he wants to stop by our studio and visit us, we are completely fine with that.

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