I remember seeing my sister get chicken pox and all of a sudden all the attention was on her. I was jealous of her newfound attention but was assured I would get the chicken pox too. I was so excited to be just like my sister. As an adult I realize that my mother just wanted all her kids to have the chicken pox at the same time so we could get it over with. I suffer from Shingles once in a blue moon and I can thank chicken pox for it. In 1995 a chicken pox vaccine was introduced and I am convinced it is one of the best inventions ever I am just mad I wasn't able to get it. Shingles hurt like no other, and I am convinced that I could have bypassed the Shingles if I wouldn't have had chicken pox.

Did you know that several parents are opting for Chicken Pox parties? The thought behind it is to just get the chicken pox over with. Is this safe for your kids? A pediatrician named Dr. Elizabeth Murray told People "We would crash all the social-media platforms if parents made a post every time a child received their vaccinations without a problem because millions of vaccinations are provided without difficulty to U.S. children every year,”  Dr. Murray went on to say that  “As a pediatric emergency medicine physician, I’ve cared for children with these diseases. I’ve put tubes down their windpipes so they can breathe. I’ve done spinal taps to see if the infection has spread to their brain. I’ve heard their parents say, ‘We didn’t think it would be so bad.“ Does this mean that parents should ditch the Chicken Pox Parties altogether? It sounds like an option Dr. Murray doesn't support.

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