Dear Lord, what have we come to as a society?

Yes, I am literally asking that question tonight as I sit in amazement, and disgust. We are literally at the point in the world where people with money are just throwing stupid things together because they know people out there will actually buy it.

Two things that should never EVER go together.... Christmas trees and potato chips.

Now, I know what you're saying... "Jay, what in the world do those to things have to do to eachother? How could they ever go together? One is inedible, and the other is a potato chip. What are you talking about??"

I get it, believe me, I had those same exact questions...

However, for some strange, messed up reason, a company is now selling Christmas tree flavored chips.

Why in the world anyone would ever want to taste a Christmas tree flavored chip is beyond me. Thankfully, these chips of the Devil are only for sale in the UK, so hopefully they never find their way over here.