Two students from Yale University created SunUp that supposedly squashes hangover symptoms before you even feel them coming.

They have already raised $38,905 to bring the product to stores from Indiegogo donations. This is the last week they will be on Indiegogo and you can fund their cause here. When you donate $5 will get you a packet of SunUp to test out.

This hangover cure is a powdered supplement that you are supposed to drink before the very first drink.


According to Cosmopolitan, the 15 ingredient drink puts a handle on four main problems of a hangover:

  • acetaldehyde (that thing in alcohol that poisons you)
  • glutamine rebound (how your body tries to recover itself)
  • inflammation
  • loss of vitamins and electrolytes

Although this sounds legit it has yet to have a true scientific study that it actually works.