This segment was destined for failure from the beginning, but no one expecting this.

Wendy Burch is a news reporter from Los Angeles, CA. Her most recent assignment in a strange position, right in the middle of an Ironman race. This was unlike any race I've ever seen though, as it felt more like a scene from Project X than it did a competition of any kind.

In this Ironman race, competitors had to run a mile, swim a mile, then chug a 6-pack of beers. Naturally, many competitors would likely puke after a race like this, but surely not live on TV, right???

Maybe... Maybe not.

In the middle of Burch's report, some type of projected liquid came flying into the frame, splashing Burch and her interviewee. Some online are 100% sold that it was vomit, while others seem to think it may have just been beer.

What do you think?