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I just got back from vacation.  Due to the crazy nature of travel in the Coronavirus era, we opted to stay close to home and take several day trips (mostly to see family, the lake, or some other activity that we could control how many and which people we were around).   The downside to this scaled-back family vacation?  One word - Roadtrips.

Don't get me wrong, I love hitting the road - but with carload of people who are all on their own bathroom schedule, it can get a bit tedious.  The fact that approximately half of the public bathrooms along our route were closed just made it more so.

With that experience fresh in my mind (along with the echoes of "I gotta go!"), I can totally see why disposable, travel urinals are the hottest product on Amazon right now.  These pack-a-potties are flying off of warehouse shelves so fast, it's kinda hard to find them in stock!  According to Chicago Business, the Amazon search rank for these little beauties increased five-fold between May 2nd and June 6th.

The concept is simple:  Can't find a restroom on your road-trip?  No problem!  Just find a discreet place to use your johnny-on-the-go, and the magical chemicals inside turn your nasty liquid into a "odorless solid" that you can toss into the next available trash receptacle.

Not sure if you can use this on the actual go, but it has to be better than the old "Trucker Bomb" method of filling up whatever plastic bottle you have nearby and tossing it out the window.  That's littering, by the way (and pretty close to chemical warfare).

There are several brands and designs to choose from (if you can find them in stock), but this is the most popular version right now:


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