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Every once in a while a "Louisiana Man" story comes along that makes every mullet-wearing, alligator wrestling, Florida native drop their still-lit Marlboro and freshly popped Keystone light in the floorboard of their primered t-top Camaro.  This is that story.

Earlier today in West Monroe, Louisiana State Police pulled Eros native Robert Campbell over.  They suspected Campbell was driving under the influence, but before they could get to the suspect's vehicle he allegedly fled the traffic stop in full view of emergency lights and sirens.  According to officers on the scene, Mr. Campbell signaled to them using a very rude, but commonly known gesture (the bird) as he attempted to escape apprehension.

According to the report from BRProud.com, the getaway vehicle stopped a short distance later.  According to officers on the scene, that's when Campbell emerged from the car wielding a can of an unidentified flammable substance and a lighter.  That's when the report says he " ...ignited the substance and directed it’s flame flow at two troopers and one Ouachita Sheriff’s Deputy."

Police were able to handcuff Campbell once he dropped the homemade flamethrower.  After he was placed under arrest, authorities discovered several alcoholic beverages in the suspect's vehicle.  According to the report, Campbell failed a field sobriety test and refusing a breathalyzer test, but did voluntarily provide a blood sample for analysis.  He was placed under arrest an taken to the Ouachita Correctional Center and under these charges:

Driving while intoxicated 2nd offense
No seat belt
Open container
Passing in a no passing zone
Aggravated flight from an officer
Resisting an officer
Aggravated assault on a peace officer

His bond is set at $16,300.  Your move Florida.

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