A lot of folks are sad this time of year.  Some are missing family members that are unable to join us for the Holidays, some are suffering from the overall feeling of "alone-ness" that tends to effect single and isolated folks the most.  Scientists are now saying that attending a concert may just be the medicine you need!

An Australian study looking at the link between "habitual music engagement and subjective wellbeing" has found that attending concerts and other music events leads to increased levels of happiness.  The key is this: It has to be engaging music, and it has to be a communal setting.  That means that listening to Adele through your headphones in your apartment alone just won't cut it.

If your New Year's resolution has anything to do with more social interaction, making more friends, and/or doing more things that result in positive emotions - make plans to catch a few shows this year.  The Shreveport / Bossier City area is always packed with awesome musical experiences - and equally awesome people to enjoy them with!

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