Carter showed me this morning how I could look into exactly what Facebook knows about me and which advertisers are using that information. If you would like to do the same follow these steps: 

1. Go to your settings. 

Click the arrow next to your name in the top right corner of the webpage. It will bring up a few options to choose from, and listed second to last will be settings.

2. Make sure you are under "General Account Settings".

This should be the domain page when you click on settings.

3. Click on "Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data" (check the image below if you need a visual)

Now it will take a while to download the complete mess of files, and if your Facebook did what mine did- you will get an email with a compressed folder filled with all your information.

Facebook Example

In my compressed folder there were many separate folders with different kinds of information and data. The folders listed on my "downloadable data" included: ads, apps, contact info, events, friends, messages, photos, places, pokes, security, timeline, videos.

Some of the creepy things I found is that they knew my grandmother's phone number and she doesn't even have a Facebook! Oh, I also found out which advertisers were using my information for whatever reason. They also had all the text messages, photos, and posts I ever created. They also knew when and where I changed my passwords. I also noticed that cookies were dropped every time I changed my password.

I feel a little vulnerable right now. I hope this was helpful, and just remember they are watching you.

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