Isn't this what a big brother is for?

Videos like this make me wonder what life would be like with a son and a daughter. Instead, I have two (beautiful) baby girls, which I love very much, but my goodness we went through this literally hours ago.

I'll tell you what went down in the Whatley house during a good ole fashioned tooth-pullin'.

For starters, both of my daughters are freaking out to the most extreme level imaginable, because my oldest has a tooth that's ready to come out. My oldest, River, is beside herself, because she hates blood. So once she says the word blood, my youngest throws a tantrum like I've never seen, because she also HATES blood.

I'm trying to rip this stinkin' tooth out and both girls are literally acting like the world is coming to an end.

Finally, the tooth comes free and both are immediately like, "Oh, that was it?" Then they played in their room like normal children for a couple hours.

This is my life, maybe it would have been different with a big brother in the house...

This viral video shows a big bro hook up his little sister's loose tooth to his Nerf gun.

It's actually pretty awesome, check it out!


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