Not only can these firefighters save your life, but they can also bust a move!

I know a few Shreveport Firefighters that could pull this off if they wanted too, but I won't name any names here.

A couple of firefighters over in England take safety very serious. Obviously, they do, because they're fireman, but it's also fun to see they have an awesome sense of humor.

These two take safety so serious, that they got their message across in a way that surely no one could forget. No, they didn't just sit behind a camera and tell everyone to stop drop and roll. They didn't take the boring safety-video route.

Nope, they took it to an ICONIC level.

One of the most notable dancing scenes of all time comes from the classic "Dirty Dancing". Of course I'm talking about the scene where Patrick Swayze finally lifts Jennifer Grey high atop his head and pulls off the greatest dance move ever.

These firemen did exactly that, and they did it in their fire gear!