Photographer Quinn B Wharton was challenged by a friend to recreate the iconic dance scene from "Dirty Dancing". The detail and hilarity in which Wharton executed the challenge is at a level you just don't see very often. Nobody puts a lamp in the corner apparently.

Wharton hilariously recreates the "Dirty Dancing" finale frame by frame. Being that he was quarantined, he had no one to play "Baby" so he ingeniously improvised using a lamp in her stead.

To show just how closely he recreated the dance scene, he matched the original with his version in split-screen for all to marvel in the accuracy.

I think my favorite is the lamp nodding to the beat just like a young Jennifer Grey.

Clearly, Wharton has won quarantine 2020. It hasn't even been a competition, but he won it anyway.

"A good friend of mine challenged me to recreate famous dance scenes from movies while at home alone in quarantine. I was hesitant at first but thought I would give it a try. Here is the iconic finale scene from Dirty Dancing with me playing every character and doing every piece of camera work. If you enjoy it think about sharing it with a friend!"

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