I am on day 5 of quarantine. I am very lucky that I have only displayed mild COVID symptoms, and I don't wish this feeling on anyone. Let me tell you right now, the isolation is killing me. I want to make my time at home feel somewhat productive. I don't want to look back on my 10 days stuck at home and not have accomplished anything.

I have googled things to do and let me just say I have already failed miserably when trying to channel my inner Marie Kondo. This whole redecorate and simplify your life is not really my cup of tea.

Did you pick up a new hobby? Did you discover something new you love? How did you go about it? I am willing and ready to try something new and fun that will help me take up some time while at home. Yup, I am open to any and all suggestions. I am about ready to turn on the heat and turn my living room into a hot yoga studio.

The boredom has hit hard. Send me all your suggestions here. Keep in mind since I tested positive for COVID-19 I can't leave my home but I can order and have almost anything delivered to my apartment.

It's going to be a lonely Christmas, but with your help I know I can make it fun in a unique way. Help a sister out, help me not climb the walls.


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