I don't know how many times I have said "Oh my God I gained way too much weight during quarantine". It's definitely in the hundred range though. The good news is there are several challenges out there encouraging us to shed those quarantine pounds.  A fitness website is upping the ante offering people $13,000 to lose their quarantine weight.

A fitness website called Total Shape will select 4 individuals to try 4 different diets and then keep track of their progress on social media. Is putting your weightloss out there for all to see worth it? Well, how bad do you need $13,000? The 4 people selected will get $8,000 each and then they can get a $5,000 bonus if they hit different milestones throughout their weightloss journey.

Making your wallet fat while trimming down that waistline is the biggest win-win of the year. According to WebMD.com "Quarantine Weight Gain Not A Joking Matter" The article went on to say that although calling pandemic weight gain the “Quarantine 15” may sound cute, "this phenomenon bears little resemblance to the weight some college students put on during their freshman year. And it can have much more dangerous effects."

If you're interested, you can apply on their website by clicking here, heads up you must have a BMI over 30.

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