Three years ago today, Ed Orgeron landed his dream job as the Head Football Coach of the LSU Tigers Football team. That day was a great day for Coach O, his family, and a lot of LSU fans. But for some, it was a bad day...maybe not then, but now.

Because through the magic of the internet, we have the ability to look back and see what people thought of the move that day. Because in 2019, much like 2016, we have social media. And like an elephant, the internet never forgets.

So our friends at Freezing Cold Takes on Twitter spent a couple minutes today digging up some of those gems from three years ago. From fans to "sports media" guys, there were just a few who got it wrong when it comes to Coach O. Here are our favorites from the pile:

Those last ones there, Clay Travis', that might be the best. That guy has so many freezing cold takes, you'd think he was doing his radio show from an igloo.

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