Finding facemasks now isn't so difficult. Luckily many of us know someone who is sewing and selling some. In San Antonio and Dallas, they're requiring residents to wear facemasks. Don't want to wear a facemask in those cities? Get ready for a $1,000 fine.

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

Chances are if someone is wearing a facemask to the grocery store, they're also wearing gloves. There are a lot of ticked off people on social media because of littered gloves all over parking lots and used gloves left in buggies.

According to CBS 19, Dr. Jason Newland, who's an infectious disease specialist at Washington University claims that gloves are meant for our brave health care workers who switch out their gloves regularly. Which means you and I have no business wearing them to the grocery store. "In public, you don't really need to wear gloves," Newland said. 

"Because you could be having the gloves touch a surface and think, 'Oh, I'm good. Take your glove off and maybe hold it in your mouth, which I wouldn't recommend ever to do, but it's not clean so it's not clean, you haven't washed your hands and that puts you at risk,". Dr. Newland


Dr. Newland reminded us all that the Coronavirus is spread by "droplets you inhale by either touching your face or not social distancing". The best way to avoid Coronavirus is by killing it with soap and water. Of course, the CDC agrees and they also recommend that gloves be used for patient care.

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