I sadly have to use a GPS on a daily basis. I know, you'd think after a little over a year and a half of living in Bossier Parish you'd think I have gotten the roads figured out by now. Unfortunately, I am just directionally challenged. You can say its a personal problem.

Now if you are like me and you know the struggle then you might already know that Google has decided to change up their arrow on Google Maps with Mario for National Mario Day. BTW National Mario Day is March 10th.

According to Geek.com, from now until March 17th you will be able to drive around with Mario leading the way on Google Maps.

From what I have gathered from Geek.com the way to activate the update is by clicking on a the Mario style question mark at the bottom of your screen next to the steps and start button. Thankfully you can allow your fellow drivers to take on other characters and then the streets become mario cart.