Gordon Ramsey is a world class chef known around the world as a culinary god. On top of owning a mess of restaurants and having three Michelin stars, Ramsey has also become a well recognized television personality.

Ramsey is known for his shows Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and To Hell And Back In 24 Hours. Well, if you didn't know, Gordon Ramsey has a new show that launched last year called Uncharted on the National Geographic channel and the second season just started a couple of weeks ago. It features Ramsey traveling around the world to learn about the food and cuisine of the local area.

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Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted (Getty Images)

This season, Ramsey has already traveled to Tanzania and South Africa. This Sunday, he will head down to the bayou of South Louisiana to learn about our unique cuisine while living off the land like a Cajun and trying to catch the food he will cook.

Ramsey will get his first taste of things like crawfish, a dark roux, and Louisiana oysters while learning about nutria rats and other critters in the bayou.

The show will air this Sunday, June 21 on the National Geographic channel and at 9:00 pm. We can't wait to watch it!

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