Wow! Last night was an interesting night on TV. I had a Krewe (Atlas) meeting last night so we didn't get home until 10pm... at that point you have to make a decision... American Idol or the season finale of Grey's Anatomy... I chose WRONG!!!! As Keith said, "Grey's Anatomy is beyond jumping sharks... they're jumping WHALES!" What was up with the forced musical??? As the chick on Last Night on TV said, "The doctors on Grey's won't be scrubbing in on American Idol any time soon!" Truer words were never spoken. And what's up with the return of Simon Cowell? April Fools! I bet Naima and Thia are wishing it was all a joke right about now. I don't even want to address the clip on Jersey Shore... Or Fantasia's new song... really?

Video: Friday, April 1: An 'Idol' Return