Officer Cody Lilly of the Haughton Police Department helps out with traffic in the school-zones in Haughton a few times a month, and has become somewhat of a celebrity.

Officer Lilly can be seen out at different schools in the area helping out with the bus and car traffic, and goes above and beyond to relieve some of the stress from the morning commute.

Busses filled with kids will begin cheering Officer Lilly on through the windows when they spot him on duty, and that's when the dancing starts. When asked when this whole dancing thing started, Assistant Chief of Haughton Police Department Ricky Bridges replied "He's ALWAYS done that stuff!".

Officer Lilly has been at this for a while, and is showing no signs of stopping. The video below of him dancing himself silly is enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

School traffic in Haughton is a voluntary, but paid responsibility in the Haughton Police Department. Officers may sign up to participate, but the job is not mandatory. This means Officer Lilly REALLY enjoys entertaining folks during what is normally the most stressful commute of the day.

Videos like these are always great to see, and are always welcome in a world full of negative news.

We should all be grateful for people like Officer Cody Lilly for going out of their way to, not only keep us safe, but also put smiles on faces. If you're lucky enough to catch Officer Lilly on-duty (and it's safe to do so) be sure and catch a video! Until then, enjoy this one.

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