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Here's to an awesome 4th of July with amazing fireworks displays and no injuries! Obviously, the goal is to have a good time and not end up with a nub. Sounds simple enough, right? Apparently not, because people end up burning things they didn't intend to every year or find themselves as a guess in their local emergency room.

Every year around the 4th of July holiday, folks perform their own experiments regarding gravity and physics. What goes up must come down, right? That's why it's illegal to discharge a firearm into the air. Those rounds have to end up somewhere. The same holds true for fireworks. You make think it's silly, but you really do need to have a bucket of water or water hose close by when you're lighting fireworks. A fire extinguisher would be a nice touch, too. Those are my suggestions. Now, let's get to the official edict from Bossier City.

When are you allowed to pop fireworks within Bossier City limits? Section 38-294 of Bossier City’s Code of Ordinances says that 'fireworks may be sold and discharged within the city limits of Bossier City from June 28 through July 5, inclusive, from the hours of 10 am until 10 pm. Persons who discharge fireworks outside the legal time period can face fines up to $500 and/or 60 days in jail.' I'm thinking that's pretty generous so make sure you get your fun out of the way during the designated times.

The Bossier City Fire Department also offers these tips:

Young children should never be given fireworks to handle alone. Responsible adult supervision is a must.
· Always purchase fireworks from a reputable retail outlet.
· Never shoot off fireworks indoors or in other enclosed areas such as carports.
· Read and follow all warnings and instructions.
· Use a “punk” to ignite fireworks. Never use an open flame such as a cigarette lighter or match.
· Never shoot, aim or throw fireworks at people or animals.
· Keep a garden hose or bucket of water handy for emergencies. Never try to re-ignite fireworks that have malfunctioned. Douse them with water and wait 30 minutes before properly disposing of them.
· Be aware of dry conditions. Never ignite fireworks on or near dry vegetation. Doing so could spark fires.
· Only light fireworks on a smooth, flat surface away from buildings and flammable materials.

In short, be careful, or you'll pull back a nub or burn your house down. Neither are optimal outcomes. Just saying.

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