I hate to burst your bubble, but it will not be snowing in Shreveport tonight.

I know, I am truly the bearer of bad news today, but I had to bring a little stone cold truth to Shreveport's pending snow situation. Before you go and crash the local grocery stores, or plan a snow day tonight and into tomorrow, there's one thing that everyone seems to be forgetting.

Sure, this happens to us all the time. A forecast calls for maybe a small chance of snow, then we all get our hopes up, just to be ultimately let down by either a warm sunny day, or some pesky ice. Friends, we've been tricked before, but this time I know the snow won't come.

How does some radio DJ, not trained at all in the science of meteorology, know for sure if it will snow or not?

It's pretty simple, actually. The answer is Shreveport's very own Barksdale Bubble.


Barksdale Bubble


This bubble seemingly forms around our area any time wintry-weather is a possibility, dashing our hopes of a day in the snow. I've seen it happen too many times while tracking winter weather on the radar, and if you're honest, you have too!

Now, if I'm wrong, and we do get some rare, sticky snowfall this evening... I will of course blame the government shutdown and continue my belief in our own weather-manipulating device.

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