News One 6 is reporting that anyone with a dream of coaching high school basketball should get their resume to Tishomingo High School in Oklahoma.  There are 2 fresh openings as administrators were forced to fire the previous holders of those positions.

There is one catch, you can't use a school bus to grab brews for you and your bros no matter how thirsty you get.  Apparently, this needs to be clarified because this is exactly what got the last 2 members fired.  The offense allegedly happened when the team and coaches were out of town at Connors State College for a basketball camp.

As it turns out, a store clerk ratted them out.  He thought something was suspicious when two grown (physically) men arrived to purchase beer in a school bus.

Unfortunately for the joyriding whistle-jockies, the school campus strictly forbids alcohol. They also frown heavily upon joyriding in a bus to acquire it.

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