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This viral video from a young woman in SWLA is proof that it only takes one person seeing your video to launch your 15 minutes of fame!

Janie aka Grosbete on TikTok posted this video on August 9, 2021, then NOLA AF aka i.am.nola.af saw the video and that's all it took! Now Janie has 59.4k followers and 999.4k likes on her page. That's pretty darn impressive! By the way, if you don't follow NOLA AF on social media, you're missing out. It's hilarious!

Speaking of hilarious, Grosbete decided to tell us all about what she doesn't like in her now-viral video. She starts off by saying, "When you put tomatoes in your chicken and sausage gumbo, I don't like that." She then goes on to riff on people who don't pronounce the last name 'Hebert' correctly followed by some craziness about people squeezing a whole bottle of mustard into the crawfish pot. Who does that???

Then comes her coup de gras... Grosbete says, "If I ask what part of Louisiana you from and you say Shreveport, I don't like that." Innocent enough, right? We're not dumb. We know people from south of I-10 think we're all Yankees, but the hilarity really begins in the video's comments when users pose the question of whether or not Shreveport is really a part of Louisiana or more 'East Texas.' Most of the commenters pretty much said that we're neither because no one wants to claim us?!?!? What is that all about? Check it out in the comments section of the video and try not to get too offended. They're actually pretty funny. After all, we know we have a Louisiana address so they can kiss my 'Yankee' Louisiana butt!

@grosbete@lynee_monae ‘s list of things but make it Cajun ##louisiana ##cajun ##985 ##southlouisiana ##cajunhumor ##SHEINcares ##rue21BeYouChallenge♬ original sound - Janie

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