Let's be real. How often do you wash your bra? According to Independent, we should washing our over the shoulder boulder holders after each wear to maximize the longevity. Which is weird because I have always heard that the more you wash a bra the more it wears out. I believe this all depends on the person and their routine.

The max that I will go in a bra is three days, but that depends on the weather and what I am doing that day. I have oily skin so I tend to break out if I don't wash my bras regularly. This is my dilemma. However, my mother washes hers once a week. She doesn't sweat much and works in a freezer so she needs the layers. Several friends of mine vary from 3-4 days with a single bra to washing it a few times a month.

Now Good Housekeeping reports that you should wash your bra after 3-4 "wears". This is the rule I was told by my mother. So let's be real... how often do you wash your bra?