The Ark-La-Tex is a hot spot for big foot sightings (especially around Caddo Lake).

If you plan on going camping or searching for Bigfoot there are a few things you need to know. First off, it is best if you know how to make Bigfoot calls and can recognize a Bigfoot if you hear one in the woods. Also, know what you are looking for out there. According to BigFoot Finder, BigFoot is 6 ft to 10 ft tall and weighing at around 400 lbs with dark brown matted fur.

But the real question is, Do the folks in the office know how to make Bigfoot calls? To find out, I ran around the office asking people for their best Bigfoot call. Check out my co-workers responses below.

Thankfully, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot answers the question: What does Bigfoot sound like?