This past weekend, I was so excited to host the first ever Lovely Schmucks live stream... Until it all went downhill.

The Lovely Schmucks are a hilariously creative group of guys in Shreveport, who spend most of their days creating funny content for our community to enjoy. Recently, they held a Facebook poll asking their audience which of two of their members are better? Seems fair enough, right?

Anyways, the rules were simple, the loser had to pay the winner $100 bucks.

To announce the winner, they called me to come in and host the live stream.

I was so pumped up for this, only for it to get ruined before it even started.

Once the Facebook live stream started, the two schmucks in the poll decided they would literally get in their car and leave, without telling any of us. What followed what a terrifying thirty minutes where I basically crashed and burned on Facebook Live, trying to somehow keep the train on the tracks. You can see both videos below!




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