We talked about my radio career, my amazing daughters, my dating life, and the two days that changed my life changed forever.

I'll be completely honest with you guys, when my friends The Lovely Schmucks reached out about coming onto their podcast, I thought I knew what to expect. After all, I've done a substantial amount of work with them. They helped me shoot Old Town Road, I helped them play putt-putt, and together, we farted on strangers.

Generally, anytime we work together, it's a really fun time and we try to give people something to laugh at. So when they asked me to come on their podcast, I expected more of the same. And for a large chunk of our hour-long conversation, it was just four guys trying to make each other (and the viewer) laugh.

However, I was not expecting things to get serious... and man did they ever. After most of the laughs, we turned to a topic I had never commented on publicly, until that very moment. They asked why I didn't like the Dallas Cowboys anymore, and up until this podcast, I've certainly never talked about what I went through in a public setting. In a weird way, it felt good to get some of it out in the open.

We also talked about the moment my large-scale radio dreams were crushed, also something I've never really spoken about, although that phone call still affects me and my mindset to this very day.

So, if you ever wanted to take a glimpse behind the curtain of my life, here is your chance!


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