After last week's surprising elimination, and wildly dramatic save, two went home at the end of the Mar. 31 "American Idol" results show. Let's get one thing out of the way right off the bat: neither of them were Casey Abrams. The bearded one was spared the axe, and if Ryan Seacrest is to be believed, he pulled in an awful lot of votes this week.

As for the less fortunate competitors, we're going to go out on a fairly short limb and say that none comes as a huge surprise.

The three told they were in jeopardy over the course of the hour were Naima Adedapo (whose reggae spin has clearly been divisive for audiences), Thia Megia (the youngin' of the cast, which is never an advantage) and Paul McDonald (who wore that ugly suit again, and continues to try to make "whisper-singing" happen).

So which one gets a chance to redeem themselves as part of the Top 9? It's Paul. Naima and Thia are both out of the running, reaffirming the very apparent fact that Season 10 is not one for the ladies.