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We've all jumped into our car before, just to be greeted with an awful stench.  If you are a parent, it probably happens so often that you may even be able to distinguish between a week old milk cup, a decomposing cheeseburger, and a juice-box that just went 20 proof.  Regardless of your expertise, we've all been hit with a wall of that not-so-new-car-smell.

The solution to this issue is myriad.  You could grab an air freshener (my favorite is the vanilla trees), clean the car, have it professionally detailed, or you could just burn the whole thing down.  That's what one man in Florida did, although he may have gone a bit too far.

An unnamed driver in Charlotte county had the bright idea of lighting a scented candle in his stinky car.  I get it, some of those candles smell amazing - certainly better than what that is curdling in your floorboard.  The thing is, open flames and your moving vehicle aren't a good match.  That's what happened Mr. Smelly Car.

According to the report from WWSB, the candle ignited some loose papers in the vehicle during a turn.  The fire spread quickly, so the driver pulled over in to the parking lot of a nearby restaurant.  He allegedly ran to fill a trashcan up with water in order to douse the flames, but by the time he returned the car was engulfed in flames.

Firefighters were able to put the fire out relatively quickly, but the vehicle was a total loss.  Also, it probably smells worse now.

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