Short answer? Yes. Yes, it is.

Another winter season has come and went, yet to the disappointment of many (especially my daughters), we experienced absolutely zero sticky snow.

Every year, the second temps drop under 60 degrees, my daughters ask me if it's going to snow that day. I'm not kidding you, they ask every morning. And every morning I have to tell them nope, not today. I'm about tired of it and I know who's to blame.

The Barksdale Bubble has long been responsible for our lack of snow, and I'm ready to see that change. I understand if the fine folks that manipulate our weather locally simply don't like snow. I get it, it's messy and slows us all down a little bit. I completely understand but come on Bubble workers, slip in like one or two snow days. That's all I'm asking for.

Who knows, maybe next winter the Bubble will let in a few snowflakes, so let's keep our fingers crossed!



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