Before I moved to the SBC I was warned against being out late in downtown Shreveport, but it wasn't because of the crime rate, "Shreveport is a creepy haunted place at night, be careful."

It's no secret that a town as old as Shreveport is bound to have several haunted places.

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The ghost stories that I have heard from Shreveport blow my mind. Hearing about the creepy things that go on inside the Shreveport Municipal makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I was shocked when I found out that many folks in Shreveport swear that there is a building that is even more haunted than the Shreveport Municipal.

What building in Shreveport could be more haunted than the Shreveport Municipal?

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If you're thinking it's the courthouse downtown, think again. The show "Ghost Hunters" came to Shreveport to perform a paranormal investigation, although they didn't get much, Shreveporters weren't deterred.

Could it be that the show "Ghost Hunters" focused on the wrong building downtown?

According to several people who work downtown, the producers picked the wrong building.

Perhaps the hunters chasing ghosts needed to just pick up their equipment and go across the street.

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Many Shreveporters swear that a building across from the courthouse is the most haunted place of all.

Why? It was once a morgue. If you look at the so-called haunted building it isn't really scary looking on the outside. However, the stories I have been told have me convinced I will never be in that vicinity after dark.

Jessica from Shreveport wrote in and said "In my experience, it's not the courthouse that is haunted, it's actually right across the street in the 3 or 4 story building that is owned by Bail-Ey bail bonds and their office is on the 3rd floor. It used to be a Drug Store 70 or so years ago and the basement REALLY housed the city morgue so long ago. I worked there when the owner of the building remolded and opened the 1st floor as Caliente's a Mexican restaurant about 15 years ago. Not only were the metal cadaver drawers still present in the basement, but even though it wasn't used for anything you could hear noises down there especially late at night when the building was just about empty. Employees spotted and heard ghosts after-hours fairly often."

Do you have any eerie stories from 601 E. Texas street? If so we want to hear your story. Message me by clicking here.


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