Think you know Katy Perry better than Katy Perry herself? Well, a Katy Perry-o-phile named Emily thought she did and competed against the singer on a hilarious faux game show skit on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' last night (April 21).

Emily is such a superfan that she had a Katy Perry wall in her home, but she took it down at her BF's behest, to which Perry responded, "At least you have a boyfriend," seemingly confirming what we already know -- that Perry and her BF John Mayer are indeed dunzo.

The prize for knowing Perry better than Perry was an autographed Perry pillow, with the singer calling it the most narcissistic game ever. At least she has a sense of humor about herself. The questions started out as basic -like what are her parents real names- and got increasingly difficult.

Who won? Watch and find out!

Perry also sat down for a chat with the host, revealing that she gets most of her hair and fashion inspirations from Tumblr. When she goes "Tumbling," she ends up with green hair, like now! Her inspiration for the slime green hair? An Asian girl she saw on Tumblr. Katy Cats, start Tumblin' for ideas to copy.

The singer also revealed that her sister gave birth at home, with not so much as an aspirin, and she was there for the whole thing, holding legs and filming like Martin Scorsese.

Perry also said she is sick of making sexy videos, so she went covert in costumes for the 'Birthday' video, with hidden cameras following as Kris the Clown and other undercover identities. She almost got shanked since she was messing with strangers and ruining their birthday parties.

The 'Birthday' video drops on April 24.

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