You are most likely going to be eating some stuff that is out of your regular diet this holiday season. So it is best to keep a close eye on how that food is treating your insides.

If you plan on flying out for the holidays to see distance family your tummy might not agree with you.Traveling will cause some strange bathroom habits. That is completely normal. According to Women's Health Magazine and Sophie Balzora, M.D. of NYU, "changes in our everyday schedule, lifestyle and dietary changes, and a change in our environment can all contribute to these changes in our bowel habits."

Crohns and Colitis Foundation suggests some easy tips to keep your tummy in check while you get festive:

  • Eat smaller meals
  • Take it easy on the greasy fatty foods
  • Limit your high-fiber foods
  • Drink in moderation
  • Keep track of what foods cause you issues

So when you are going for seconds of that unique twist your aunt put on her green bean casserole consider what it is doing to your gut.