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We have all heard about Santa Claus our entire lives.  The generous man in the big red suit has been rewarding good little girls and boys with Christmas gifts for 1,750 years!  It's safe to say that his legend is widely known across the globe, but he isn't the only guy watching out for who's being naughty and who's being nice.

Krampus Creatures Parade In Search Of Bad Children
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Krampus is Basically the Anti-Santa Who Hunts for Bad Children to Punish

Krampus is also a legendary figure that has a very important job during the Christmas season.  Unlike the jolly old elf that magically flies around the world in one night to bring presents to good children, Krampus is on the hunt for bad children.  In European traditions, Krampus would accompany St. Nicholas to the homes of children at Christmas.  Good kids would get presents from the saint and bad ones would get beaten with birch rods from the horned monstrosity.  Eventually, Krampus would get his own day on December 5th, also known as "Krampusnacht."

Krampus Creatures Parade In Search Of Bad Children
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Krampus' Search for Naughty Children Will Bring Him to Bossier City on Sunday

This Christmas Devil will be searching for disobedient children in Bossier City on Sunday (Krampusnacht) with the horror specialists at Necromanor on Boardwalk Boulevard.  The event is free, and so are the pictures you can take with the original Yule-Tide naughty boy (just think of the Christmas cards) - although you will want to bring a little cash to tip Krampus, unless you don't mind him thinking you're naughty.  The event is open to all ages, but is not recommended for kids under 13 because he is a terrifying monster that hunts for children.

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Krampus isn't the Only Scary Christmas Tradition You Can Experience at Necromanor in Bossier City

This creepy holiday event is the kickoff of Necromanor's two-weekend run of “The Shadows of Christmas.”  This event put together by the haunted-house masters will explore some of the scarier Christmas traditions (I'm not sure if the above pictured fruit cake made the cut).  For tickets and times, visit the official Necromanor website here.

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