With October around the bend we all need to remember that it means more than Halloween season. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so here is your reminder to go out and get your annual mammogram. We shouldn't wait until October to put our health first.

My doctor saw my family history and asked if I was interested in getting a cancer gene test (BRCA) done since my mothers cause of death was due to cancer. I cringed a little, I hate the thought of actually knowing something that I just speculate about with my sisters.

There are some red flags that come up for doctors and in my case, it was the whole "two or more close family members who have had the same type of cancer". I realize that my multiple years of watching "Grey's Anatomy" didn't prepare me for the panic attack I would have in the car after my doctor's appointment.

Ladies, October is our reminder to take care of us. Check up on a friend, remind her that her health is important to you. Make that annual appointment with your doctor. If you and I are on the same boat and lost our mothers to cancer, GO GET TESTED.

I constantly wonder if this test was available to my mom, would she have taken action? Could she have had a fighting chance? Could I have had more than 12 short years with her?

I found myself asking these questions as I left my doctors appointment, the answer is yes. My mom was a fighter. Remind a friend to visit her doctor annually and get checked up after you book your annual appointment of course.

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