Alabama is also known as the Yellowhammer State, the Heart of Dixie, and the Cotton State - and always keeps it classy.  Longtime opponents (not rivals) of the LSU Tigers, BAMA fans have a way of keeping it real all their own.

Case in point, at the season opener game between the University of Alabama and Florida State held at the prestigious Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia - a father/son Bama fan combo team allegedly decided to class up the place with a few punches. Charles Kraver Sr. and Jr. were arrested on battery charges after the pair were reportedly spotted fighting in the stands by several witnesses.  You can see the action for yourself below.

Surely that would've been enough, but these guys are over-achievers!  They allegedly even threw a woman on the concrete concourse at the stadium during the brawl.

The woman in this video was taken from the stadium by ambulance. Charles Kraver, and Charles Kraver Jr, are facing multiple battery charges.

Alabama notched a 24-7 win over Florida State.

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