Disney has been remaking a lot of their classics in recent years but instead of in cartoon form, the new trend is live action. Beauty and the Beast, Jungle Book and Maleficent were all huge blockbusters paving the way for a complete remake of all the originals. Coming in 2019 we can expect Lion King, Dumbo and my personal favorite Aladdin in live action.

Back in October, we got a teaser of what Aladdin will look like but now we get our first look at the cast!

Unlike Lion King which is full of A-list celebrities, Aladdin is mostly unknown actors or actors you've seen before but don't have recognizable names... Besides of course Will Smith who will be playing Genie! Personally, I'm not sure what to think looking at these pictures so I'll hold off judgment until the first trailers come out. Aladdin will hit theatres worldwide May 24th, 2019.

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