When chefs compete, those who eat are the real winners.

When I hear the words, "Come and Get it" I think of my mother ringing the bell and calling my brothers and I in for dinner after a day of playing on our 40 acres of paradise in California. This, is nothing like that.

It's a gazillion times better.

This is a culinary throw down in which five chefs will be competing for the favor of your taste buds. "Come and Get It" is the brain child of Louisiana Food Prize from the people who brought you Louisiana Film Prize. Enjoy an evening at the Remington Suite Hotel on Wednesday, September 28 beginning at 6 p.m. You'll witness an incredibly mosaic of food, spirits, wine and company. It's a tasting unlike any other paired with beer, cocktails, and wine.

Is your mouth watering yet?

You'll enjoy food from:

Jason Brady
Shreveport, Louisiana, Southern Fork Catering and Cadre Restaurant Group

Tristen Epps
New York City, Chef, Marcus Samuelsson Restaurant Group

PK Newby
Boston, Massachusetts, Chef, Food Scientist at Harvard and Cookbook Author

Tom Ramsey
Natchez, Mississippi, Restaurateur and Chef

Nick Wallace
Jackson, Mississippi, Executive Chef, Cooked at James Beaird House five times.

You will also see the "One Pot" chef relay. Five local chefs, who will be competing in the Food Prize's Battle for the Golden Fork), will have to create one delicious pot for the guests... One chef at a time. It is sure to be exhilarating!

If you want tickets, hurry! There are only 200 available. Get your tickets here.