Come and Get It proved to be both entertaining and delicious!

Louisiana Food Prize gave us quite an event last night at the Remington Suite Hotel and hundreds of people gathered to sample delicious dishes, wines and cocktails. Five chefs gave us their signature dish and it was all you could eat (some of my favorite words, by the way). From seared tuna to steak, crawfish enchiladas to meatballs and polenta.

We enjoyed food from:

Jason Brady
Shreveport, Louisiana, Southern Fork Catering and Cadre Restaurant Group

Tristen Epps
New York City, Chef, Marcus Samuelsson Restaurant Group

PK Newby
Boston, Massachusetts, Chef, Food Scientist at Harvard and Cookbook Author

Tom Ramsey
Natchez, Mississippi, Restaurateur and Chef

Nick Wallace
Jackson, Mississippi, Executive Chef, Cooked at James Beaird House five times

It was a satisfying night for all.

The end of the evening featured a "one-pot relay" as five chefs came together to make one cohesive dish. Each chef was given a limited amount of time to add to the dish and the result was nothing short of delicious.

The five chefs who had their hands in this one pot relay were the five chefs we'll see compete at The Battle for the Golden Fork in downtown Shreveport Friday night (September 30). They're all local and include; Cindy Gleason of Southern Faire, Darrell Johnson of Crescent City Bistro (as seen on Food Network), Sassi Café’s Monique Mosa Armand, Drake Catering’s Blake Jackson, and John Strand of Accents Personal Chef Services.


The Battle for the Golden Fork is free and open to the public. Find out more at