Last week, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Louisiana announced 30 new badges, focused on STEM subjects, are now available for motivated scouts to earn!  According to their official website - the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-centric badges were introduced to help girls "empower themselves to unleash their strengths and accomplish amazing things."

The badges are available for any girl scout, aged K-12th grade, who completes the requirements.  The new achievements showcase the organizations desire to teach young girls some truly useful skills, like: cyber security, environmental advocacy, mechanical engineering, robotics, computer science and space exploration.  Along with learning how to build a fire and sell cookies, these scout will now learn things like how to choose a hack resistant password, how to protect yourself from online predators and scammers, and more skills that will help these girls in an increasingly technical workforce.

The organization has also introduced the "Life Skills" badge, which is designed to help scouts prepare for college.  To earn the badge, they must learn about all of the steps that lead to higher education, including test prep and applications for financial aid.

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