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By now you may have heard of Louisiana's "Unclaimed Property" program.  If not, it's a pretty simple concept.  As you move from place to place and go from job to job, you sometimes leave money behind.  I'm not suggesting that you're bad with money in the very least - but, you may have inadvertently left a deposit or an overpayment (totally a real thing) behind without realizing it.  Legally, no one can keep money that rightfully belongs to you. So, officials collect it and keep tabs on it in hopes that you will regain your long lost dollars one day.

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Currently, the total of all that lost cash is somewhere in the neighborhood of $900 million!  If you'd like to check and see of you have any ghosts of paychecks past floating around out there, you can take a look on the official website here.  If you find some money with your name on it, the state will simply cut you a check and drop it in the mail!  In fact, the entire process of finding yours is so simple and easy - it got an award!

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According to a report from L' Observateur, the Louisiana system got the prestigious Members’ Choice Unclaimed Property State of the Year Award at last weeks Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization (UPPO) annual meeting.  The program has issued 564,000 checks to individuals in the last 4 years.

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