The results from a recent study paint a very disturbing picture of high school students in Louisiana.  According to the research conducted by Project Know, the Bayou State leads the nation in alcohol and inject-able drug use among high school students - and has been ranked #4 for students that use drugs and/or alcohol at school.  

Louisiana HS students were on par with the national average (18.8% for LA, 19% for the U.S.) for marijuana use on this particular study, but our ranking in the other categories is more than worrisome.  While the national average for students that drink alcohol is about 28%, Louisiana weighs in at a hefty 34%.  Across the U.S., approximately 2.7% of surveyed students used inject-able drugs like heroin.  A full 8% of high schoolers in the Sportsman's Paradise use them.

If you or someone you know needs help, don't be afraid to ask.  The National Drug Hotline is a great place to start.

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